Friday, October 18, 2013

Hermit Crab-ing it Up

Yes, I am still here!
But, this is my life currently:
I have been avoiding any and all social situations where dressing up, looking cute, or spending money is concerned.
Its been a tough road!
But I've been concentrating on saving money and working on my tail.

This is generally what I've been doing with myself this last month:
Pretty sure I permanently smell like molding fumes now.

I DID get to be pretty on one day, though, for Fairy School with Miss Fairy!
 I was the special guest for the last-day party.
The children were adorable- but they are getting more bold with touching my tail, and I had to cry "Ouch!" a few times to stop them from picking at the scales!

Otherwise, I have no exciting news to talk about.

I feel everything will go back to semi-normality by next month. I've still got a few lens reviews and a wig review I need to post!!

Thanks for being so patient with my hermit-ness! <3


  1. Hi Carrie. It was great to meet you at the Adelaide Beauty Conference today! Your blog looks like a lot of fun, and I've never actually met a mermaid before, so I'm looking forward to keeping track of your adventures :D

  2. Hi Susannah! It was wonderful meeting you at the Conference! :D Thank you for finding my crazy blog! hehe! :) I'll be sure to follow you too! <3