Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Hi everyone!
Its been a tough few weeks for me.
Some amazing things have happened- I attended the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Conference again, I've been a special guest at a charity event, my tail is coming along nicely (despite a few setbacks) and the weather is warming up.

However, I lost a dear friend.
Yesterday we celebrated her life at her funeral- saying goodbye is never easy. It was a beautiful ceremony. We all wore something purple as it was her favourite colour.
She was one of the first mermaid-friends I ever made three years ago. She was always smiling and had a habit of giving gifts to people just because she enjoyed seeing them happy.
She's swimming through the stars now <3

I will get back to blogging again soon- there is lots to talk about- but for now I'm spending time getting my head straight and finishing these big projects.

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