Thursday, June 14, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Part 1

Hello lovelies!
So sorry for this being incredibly late! XD Its amazing how busy I have been since getting back!
Now I am finally able to talk about my trip to Japan! I traveled with my friend, Amy, and my mum! <3

We left Australia at 9.30 at night, and flew with Qantas to Narita Airport. It was the longest flight of my life! XD I've discovered I am not one for sitting on my butt for 10 hours straight.
I kept myself amused with Dinosaur documentaries and attempted to sleep! XD
grr, I'm a dinosaur.
 Then at about 5am we got our first glimpse of sunrise over Japan!
Look how sleepy we look! haha!
We landed at 6am in Narita, and we were all exhausted but pretty darn excited! It was so great to see the 'Welcome to Japan' sign after getting through customs!
We took the Narita Express to our hotel, which was in Shibuya.
Mum looking very relaxed on the Narita Express- it WAS a comfortable trip!
I really recommend staying there! Its the Shibuya Hotel Excel Tokyu- a little more pricy but the location, rooms, and staff were fantastic! I mean, its across the road from 109, need I say more?

After settling into our room and having a drink at the Hotels restaurant, I was like "LETS GOT TO 109!!" I had kinda wanted my first experience in 109 to be one where I would dress up, do my hair all nice, etc. But even though I was in my daggy plane clothes/dark circles under my eyes/messy hair I was too impatient! XD

...And it served me right.
We got interviewed for 109's TV program. In our daggy plane clothes. XD
 They approached us while we were looking at shoes...
Here you can see the two hosts- the cute girls interviewing us! Their English was perfect!
I also saw the Garula model Anna Fujita!! She was SO SO SO beautiful >___< I was too in a daze as she walked past to say anything! *smacks self*

After that, the exhaustion began to set in so we ran back to the hotel for a rest. The weather, although sunny that morning, began to darken and soon enough it was POURING with rain! ...And I had a hair appointment, so out into the weather mum and I went! haha!
The beds were SO comfortable after sleeping on a plane!
I totally love my hair extensions! I still have them in, they are really really great quality!
I got it done at YuHouse in Shibuya:
I had to get a friend to book it for me, as they only recently updated their website with online booking!
Although one word of warning: only one person speaks english there, and he wasn't there when I got my hair done. haha! It took alot longer because the hairdresser and myself were trying to work out what each other was saying. haha!
But I am so happy with them! And it only cost me around $170Aus!

The next day we visited Shinjuku! I went Gal because I was inspired by all the GORGEOUS shop staff from 109!
We got a little lost at first... I took us out the wrong station exit and we ended up wandering around confused. haha! Eventually, though, we found Marui One!
 Amy wore a gloomy bear kigu!! <3
 Reading the trusty map!
It was my FIRST OFFICIAL PURCHASE IN AN ANGELIC PRETTY STORE. Oh god. I was so happy! I only got a necklace, but I gave the shop staff a little koala toy to say thank you ^^

We found a Sanrio Store and a giant Hello Kitty on the way to Closet Child! And upstairs was a massive manga and artbook store, which was really cool.

Finally we found Closet Child- and I got an Angelic Pretty dress for 8,000 yen ^_^ Amy scored a beautiful MMM dress!
Afterwards we were like "...Harajuku is one stop from home... Lets just go there too!" So we did! :D
Harajuku was just as I had imagined it, it was wonderful. Quiet, because it was a Friday, but it was worth it! I got another Angelic Pretty dress for 8,000yen! <3

Finally at home, we wandered around Shibuya taking it all in! We ate at a Korean restaurant- mainly because the young man out the front was really cute ><;;
Thats one thing I think is so funny about Japan, they hire GOOD LOOKING people to stand out the front of their business to get you to go into their resturant/store/club! haha! IT WORKS.
 View from our bedroom window
 View of Shibuya Scramble from our elevator- it was glass! XD
Finally, we took some shots from our hotel of the streets around us! <3

Thats the first two days down, 14 more to go! haha! <3 

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  1. Wah it looks like you had so much fun!
    The giant hello kitty looks really really cute and I like your gal outfit ^_^
    I can't wait to see more pictures :DD