Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Japan Chronicles- Part 2

Part 2 of my trip to Japan! :D

On Saturday we got up early to get ready for Disney Sea! I was so so so SO excited! It was my dream to go to Disney Sea and meet Ariel for so long >_<

The monorail had adorable Mickey-shaped windows, and when I first saw the Disney castle I cried out and everyone on the monorail kinda looked at me. haha.
Amy and I in Disney Sea entrance! :D We wore matching Rose Fan Fan sailor dresses <3 btw, Rose Fan Fan has to become one of my favourite brands. Their shop staff are so sweet and their clothes are darn affordable!
 I wore my Mermaid necklace for the occasion too! <3
We had missed breakfast so we stopped and grabbed some YUMMY baked goods! See the tuna-roll on the bottom? I wish I had gotten more >< It was so delicious.
I got my first pair of Disney ears!! :D *is so happy*

I made Mum and Amy rush... to get in early for the line to meet Ariel ^^; This was probably one of the biggest highlights of the trip! I know she is just an actress, but she was SO nice and sweet and kept calling me a mermaid! <3

Not going to lie, afterwards I cried a little. lol.
  Then we went into Triton's Kingdom! :D We saw the Little Mermaid show- if you ever go to Disney Sea this is a MUST SEE. Not kidding. It was incredible. I cried again. haha!
In all these photos I'm smiling so crazily in happiness. haha.
The whole area is like you are on the bottom of the ocean. Oh man it was SO amazing in there!

After I had calmed down from the experience we made our way to the Arabian Coast! I snuck a photo of Jasmine from over someones shoulder...hehe. 
 lol, I'm riding a camel. haha.
Mum in a stall!
Amy and I rode on the BIG carousel! The line up took almost 20mins, but while we were lining up we started talking to this lovely girl and her mum!
I have totally forgotten her name (dangit, she was so lovely!) but we got a photo together after the ride! <3

From there we just wandered around- it gets A LOT busier in the afternoon. By 4pm there were twice as many people in the park than when we arrived! We had a late lunch at a really cool restaurant that was kinda steam-punk themed, then decided to slowly make our way back to the entrance.
I was lucky enough to find Miss Bunny! :D She grabbed my hand for the photo! <3

We left around 5pm and took the train back to Tokyo Station! At the station we booked our seats for the Shinkansen to Kyoto for Monday. Then at home, Amy and I finished the day off with a quick shopping trip in 109! ^_^
The next day (Sunday), our friend Lauren met us at our hotel and we all lolita'd it up in Harajuku!

First we visited Meji Shrine- where we got a lot of photos taken of us. haha!

We saw three wedding processions and even some lovely girls in Kimono! They were so nice!
On our way back from Meji shrine, we got stopped by a Ukrainian TV crew! (well, I'm not sure what nationality they were, but the lady was really friendly and spoke great English!) They did a quick interview with us, then took lots of photos! hehe!

Then off to Harajuku for shopping! <3
 Looking toward the train station on Bodyline's balcony.
 Looking down the other way, on Bodyline's balcony.
Mum took a sneaky photo of us in Closet Child, hehe <3

Mum also surprised me later that day with an Angelic Pretty wrist watch *_* She had sneakily bought it while we were in AP at Laforet! I was so happy! <3
We spent the rest of the day walking around Harajuku- we found Kiddyland and Oriental Bazaar (great place for touristy gifts) and even saw a parade/protest! Well, if it was a protest it was the happiest, smiley-est protest I had ever seen! haha!

Then that evening we went back to Shibuya for evening antics! hehe!
The next morning we were off to Kyoto <3

*Just a note: the bridge at Harajuku no longer has the big cosplay/fashion crowd on Sunday's. It appears that they've been told not to go there anymore? We went there every Sunday and did not see any Visual Kei, cosplayers or lolitas other than the ones in Takeshita Dori and Laforet. Its a big shame!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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