Friday, June 14, 2013


The past weekend was a long weekend! And because I missed out on the AVCon prom the weekend before, I was determind to make up for it.
Unfortunately, it didn't start out too well. Poor Mikey got food poisoning and was unwell all day Saturday. I spent it watching tv. Lol.

Sunday was an improvement! After a day in bed Mikey was feeling better so we ventured out to have lunch together. I was insistant on visiting FruzBerry, a frozen yoghurt place, because I absolutely LOVE them. My favourite flavours are coconut and banana- the banana taste like the old flavor of Nesquick before they changed it!
After a wander around the shops, we got a dvd, and went home so Mikey could rest some more. While he slept I made some chilli-con-carne. I'm not a wizz in the kitchen, but I was pretty proud of the results. I threw in a cup of rice to make the mixture go further, and we've been having it for dinner/lunch for 4 days now. Haha!

Monday was a day I had been looking forward to. I'd been bugging Mikey about visiting the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens for a while, and because it was a lovely day (no rain! Yay!) he finally caved in.
We invited Heather along for the journey, and drove up there all together! It felt like an adventure.

The gardens were just beautiful. It is big enough that you can find places to sit and you wont see another person for most of the day. The thing I liked most about it was the magical feel of it- walking through the huge trees with fallen red leaves, or ducking through ferns in the rainforest gully: it was like stepping into a Lord of the Rings or fantasy movie.
The longer we where there the more inspired I felt. I would really love to take up a group of friends in fantasy costumes and spend a day there taking photos and enjoying the magic! There were so many places that I could imagine a nymph or fae peaking out of. My favourite illustrated books growing up were by Shirley Barber- and never before had I felt more like I'd woken up in one of her beautiful books.

After a few hours, we were all decidedly hungry, so left to go get some Nandos. Haha! Not exactly 'adventuring' food, but it was delicious all the same.
If you were wondering- I did take photos of Mikey but he doesn't like having his photo taken so I didn't upload them XD haha! And I wore a wig to keep my head warm. See, sometimes I'm clever ;D

It was a great day! Something I really needed- as I fear I'm already getting the Winter Blues. Being outside in fresh air is essential to this mermaid!

Thanks to being so inspired, I tried to make a 'modern day adventurer' outfit using things in my wardrobe. I'd like to make a proper costume one day! Haha!

Thanks for Reading! :D

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