Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Winter Comes, Followed by Grey Waters

It is now the 4th day of Winter here in Australia. And I haven't started out very well- I already have the flu.
This was me last night. True camera-whore. Taking photos of myself even when I'm sick.

 Because of this, I missed out on the AVCon Ball which was held Saturday night. I'm still suffering self-pity as I had altered a dress to wear especially for this event. :( Now I dont know where I'll ever wear it to: its a ball gown!
So I'm thinking of having a mini-shoot in it, themed 'marshmallow' because that's what I felt like in it! haha!

Anywhos, I thought I would do a bit of spam of myself from the last few weeks...
Can you tell already I'm unhappy about winter? haha. So many layers just to keep warm!

Tried my first 'proper' hime-gyaru outfit for some lens reviews. I actually really liked it! But I used super dramatic eye makeup so I think if I wore this again I would do something less big. haha!
Dress: Liz Lisa replica
 Underskirt: Liz Lisa
Cardigan : Valley Girl
 Shoes: DreamV
Necklace/hair accessories: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Cyperous

And some more mermaid spam!
I wanted to try out a different look, so I wore a pink Rhapsody-style wig with my hand-made circlet and some fake blue coral! I am wearing a bra, but its hard to see... I think it looks kinda cool!
This was also for a lens review. You should've seen me trying to put my tail on, then proceeding to try get photographs. Quite the scene. haha!

New favourite chocolate (besides white chocolate of course! hehe!). I've asked Mikey to grab some more for me when he finishes work, as I'm still at home sick and I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE. 

Another (boring) winter outfit, with my new warm coat from Grail.

Found a really beautiful glass necklace at a store! Its shaped like a shell and changes colour in the light, isn't it pretty? <3

A few weeks ago I also got asked to model for a friends Mermaid Tail business!
Here are some of the photos:
All the girls <3

I also held a give-away on my Facebook page recently!
The winner won this original artwork by myself, as an A3 poster! (Obviously without the big watermark, haha!)
It was to thank everyone for 300 Likes!

Anyways, I think that is all I need to catch up on at the moment!
I hope everyone is well, and not sick like me! :P

I'd also like to hint that my Pozible Program is still running!:
So please spread the above link around if you can, I really hope this dream can become a reality! 

I'll leave you with this picture from my Facebook page;
Thanks for reading! <3

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