Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Winter Mermaid

Whats this?
An actual outfit post?
I made an effort to try get nice photos for you all ^^

Outfit for going out for dinner on a colder winter night.
Tights: side-street shop in Shibuya
Shoes: Grail
Sunglasses: Prada

This dress I initially purchased for my birthday in December last year! But it took a while to be made, and by the time it arrived it was past my birthday- and I had not realised how warm this dress was! Not suitable for Australian summers, but good for winter :D
I paired it with my new silver shell bag from Wonder Molly. I almost died when I saw it online, and within a few seconds I had purchased it! Haha!
As you can see, I also discovered some cool effects in Photoshop >_>

Make-up for the night.
I wore an auburn wig, which looks brown until in the light. I'm not used to darker hair! And I also put on darker lipgloss, which was entirely new to me too. Cant hurt trying new things I guess! haha!

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