Monday, June 24, 2013

Menagerie of Fibre Glass Animals!

Strange title, but it actually makes sense later, I promise.

 Two weekends ago I went with Christine to the Gilles Street markets! Its a once a month event held on Sunday where local designers and shoppers sell their used and new clothes- its thrift shopping in a market! I had no intention of buying anything because I'm still trying to save money, but I couldn't stop myself and ended up getting a few things... to be fair, it only cost me $30!
 I wore a new wig from Brightlele
It was meant to be more blonde, which I was kind of disappointed about, but I went "meh" and couldn't be bothered contacting them about it so I've kept it. Haha! It makes my eyes look really blue, so I guess I cant complain! XD
This is all the stuff I got from the markets! Two skirts (one black, one patterned with black frills), a studded shouldered black jumper, a really pretty (brand new!) chiffon shirt with black lace and black collar/cuffs, and finally a cream corset top with frills. 
Christine had a very successful day, she spent about $80 and got three over-flowing bags full of clothes!

I've decided to put aside $100 and go to the next one next month, hopefully I can have as much luck as last time!

Yesterday Kelly needed some help with moving some things into her new store, so I was happy to help out! :D
I decided to try out some new lenses for my lens review blog >>
here<< and I found myself cam-whoring in the window because the sun had finally came out after days of Winter rain. haha!
After the first car-load was delivered and we carried things back and forth from the car, as we were driving back to Kelly's to collect the next load she mentioned she wanted to visit a big furniture store to investigate for her store.
I was more than a little surprised when we discovered that not only did it have furniture (some very lovely things, might I add) but it had a WHOLE section full of life-size fibre glass animals!!
I had to sneak some photos. I think this zebra was my favourite!

See what I mean by menagerie?! So cool!!

Giant shark heads, and a huge hammer-head suspended from the roof!

At first I didn't know what kind of person would want fibre-glass animal(s) in their home. Then I realised: I'm the type of person who would want a fibre-glass animal(s) in my home. Haha!!
If I had that much money, why wouldn't I have a huge menagerie of fibre glass animals hanging out in my home/garden?! XD

After my excitement, we picked up the last load of things from Kelly's house, and she treated me to lunch in thanks for helping her <3

As you can tell, I still use my old Iphone 3, thats why the photos are so grainy! I'm hoping to pop into a phone store tonight and get an Iphone 5 because the plans to own one are now cheaper. So hopefully the next proper post I'll do will have clear phone-photos! :D
I'm actually off home for a week on Wednesday- leaving Mikey here in the city to enjoy a Carrie-free few days. haha! I'm really looking forward to seeing my family!! And having a wood fire to heat my butt up in front of.
This is me otherwise:
Yeah, hard to tell, but I have to stand/squat over this little heater if I want to warm my butt up. Haha!

Besides going home, I've been preparing for that time of the year again... yep! AVCon!
These are the two cosplay's I plan on doing this year:
I'm bringing Usagi back! (yeah!)
Because she is my favourite character ever, I decided to cosplay her again, but this time in her high school uniform from the last story arch (coincides with Sailor Stars on the show). I'm doing the manga version because I'm a Sailor Moon manga snob >_> lol!! I'm just happy I have her and Mamoru's engagement ring, because I think that adds the perfect touch <3
On Sunday, Kelly, Bee and myself are doing a group cosplay from Magic Knights Rayearth!
I'm Umi, the blue-haired one :)

And of course I'll be wearing lolita on Sunday too, because I am hosting the lolita parade this year! *gulp* I'm not very nervous, so I think I should be ok! haha! But it means having to get changed out of my Umi cosplay and into lolita, and then back into the cosplay again! haha! I'm really looking forward to it, lets just hope I dont screw up/fall over on stage! :)

Anyway, I'll update soon, probably once I'm home from my little trip! :D I'll try to take photos so I can make a nice blog post about what I did in my home town.

Thanks for reading! <3

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