Monday, April 29, 2013

Glitter and Photographs- a small update

(Better late than never regarding this meetup! Haha!)
For Easter our local lolita's all got together for a big Easter Egg Meet. It was held in a beautiful park, and thanks to Christine's organization there were SO many eggs for everyone! Unfortunatley, it started raining. Badly. There were at least 40 lolitas huddled under trees and umbrellas! There was a break in the rain so we took the chance to go find all the eggs, but it was short-lived. So Christine kindly suggested we all head back to her house as it was close by!
Que 40 lolita's in an appartment. Haha!
There was an amazing give-away, where we all picked eggs with numbers inside and whoever got number 1 could have the pick of all the prizes, and so-on until all the numbers were done! So everyone got a prize! :D Christine had organized a special prize for me, though, a beautiful shell bracelet and ChocoMint hair clip! Thank you!! <3
(Photo thanks to Christine! <3 )I wore my Milky Chan set from Angelic Pretty, but decided to add bunny elements to it with some ears and makeup and the bunny-head pass case. After selling a bunch of my dresses and scalopettes I discovered I didn't have anything with bunnies on it- BUT Milky Chan has a little bunny friend in the print so I was still on-theme. Haha! Everything was Angelic Pretty except the shoes which were from Claobao. I'm also happy I brought my Angelic Pretty umbrella, as it was well used. Lol!

Other than this event I've had a few gigs as Mizuko :)
(This is my 'mermaid-undercover' look. lol. So I can hide amongst the normal people/guests and hope the kids dont notice I look alot like the mermaid who was just there. haha!)
Last week I had a very magical and fun gig at Fairy
School as the special guest! Miss Fairy runs the school for a whole week through-out the school holidays, and the little fairies-in-training LOVE it. I had so much fun!
Beautiful Miss Fairy and myself!
I spent the whole time answering questions about being a mermaid, doing crafts and trying to convince one non-believer that I was real. Haha! It gets tough when you're trying to bring magic to the other kids who do believe you are real, when there is one proudly announcing “SHE'S NOT A REAL MERMAID!” and ruining it for everyone. Unfortunatley, I did not change her mind but she moved on to bother the Fairies about them not being real either, so I could concentrate on the other kids. Haha! We made Magical Shells by decorating them with glitter and gems. When I got home I found glitter everywhere- even in my belly button while I was having a shower. Haha!
But this was a really special gig and I totally loved it :) Miss Fairy was awesome to work with and super nice- she'll be performing at the Gumeracha Medieval Fair this weekend too so I'll be popping in to say hello!

And finally I have somehow fallen into another massive craft-project besides my silicone tail. Although this one is due to be finished and debuted this weekend at the Medieval Fair! I'll do a full write-up of it next week once I've worn it and gotten some pictures. :)


I have this huge folder full of shots of myself for lens reviews
(which are here by the way >> )
And other random face-shots.
So here is some face-spam.
 Belle from Beauty & The Beast- excuse the terrible phone edit. haha!
 This is an old one, but Ariel from The Little Mermaid (again, terrible phone edit! haha!)
And my attempt at being a sexy gyaru for a lens review. lol. SERIOUS FACE.

OH, and my new monofin arrived!

It is the biggest one I own yet, but is lighter and more streamlined. It DID cost me $300 so you'd hope it was good? Haha! I finally took it for a swim yesterday, and oh my: it feels INCREDIBLE. I can go so fast/far with little effort. I made sure I wore my rash-vest in the pool because I didn't want to risk my bikini top falling off from how fast I could go. Haha! I cannot wait to put it into my silicone tail- it will feel magical. <3

Thanks for Reading! :D <3

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