Monday, April 15, 2013

Shopping, Outfits and Life Catchup Post!

Heya lovely readers!

I went awol again. haha! I dont get time to sit down and write up interesting things for you to read (not that I write about interesting things to begin with-lol! But thank you for still following me anyway! <3 ) so I'm making an effort to keep up with things!

So here's a shopping/outfit/diary dump! haha!
(Warning- photo heavy!)

I've been VERY good with shopping- as trying to save up to make this silicone mermaid tail and bills/living is sucking away most my funds. But I did a small haul from Grail at the end of Febuary to try catch the last of their winter stock!

Grail ( ) has become one of my favourite online stores from Japan. I purchased from them a good year ago and I was really happy with what I got! Their prices are CHEEP. Like, $20 for a pair of ankle boots. And the quality is good. And they have a mixture of styles- things that can go with hime, rock, etc. So this time I got a few things!

A new winter coat.
This is really cute- it was about $30 and its WOOL. So super warm! My boobs cause a little bit of tightness but its still super comfortable.

Two oversized sweaters (the cream one came with a singlet!).
These are both SO SOFT. Way softer than I was expecting. The blue one is super cute to throw over dresses/jeans, but I havn't worn the cream one year cos its too warm! haha! Its still not cold enough to wear it!

And two dresses!
Unfortunatley, as I had previously purchased from Grail I'd gotten a size Medium dress. It fit great and was super pretty, but I wanted more length. So this time around I got both dresses in a Large- thinking it will give me the extra 2cm on the body. Um... not really. Yes, they are longer, but the biggest issue is they are TOO BIG. They are baggy around the chest/waist >< Its a bit frustrating cos I didnt realise how big a difference the M and L would be on top! Ah well, these are still pretty. The pink one looks nice with a belt around the waist, but the white one is just too 'square' to suit me!

My big sister and my Mum came to the city visit for a few days, as my sister had an appointment with the seamstress making her wedding dress. So we went shopping!

I found this cardigan from Temt for $20- and I had to get it because it was the only colourful thing I'd seen all day! haha! Australia has well-and-truely gone into Autumn/Winter colours.

And this dress from ValleyGirl was only $15- but the material is really nice and thick!

And then I saw this clutch from Forever New (which is a wonderful store, by the way, its still very girly and floral throughout ALL the seasons!) and I HAD to get it! MERMAID SCALES! It reminded me of my pink tail, and what I want my new silicone tail to look like! <3

I have a friends wedding coming up at the end of April, and I saw this dress on ModCloth and fell in love:

So I got it! haha! Its really beautiful in person, I just love the embroided shells/coral/starfish. <3 I love buying mermaid things! 
I also forgot to show you these boot I purchased sometime last year!
I initially got them for my Asuna cosplay for SupaNova, but I decided I liked them too much to destroy. lol! So I ruined another pair of old boots and kept these. They have wool/fur inside so they are really warm!

Ok, shopping dump completed.

Onto some outfit shots! :D
(Prepare for dodgy iPhone photos in our messy bedroom! haha!)

I had my best friends birthday in Feb, and it was 'fantasy' themed so I went as a water nymph. haha!
Then after the picnic we went out to Eggless for dessert! I changed my outfit but only slightly (added jeans and took off ears/necklace)
For Valentines Day we had a lolita meet.
It was SUPER hot (like 35degrees celcius or something) so I wore no blouse or socks...
Everything is Angelic Pretty except the boots which are Yumetenbo :)
A random outfit I wore going OP-Shopping (second-hand shopping). I didn't find anything I wanted- except this beautiful old wedding dress but I couldn't justify buying it. haha!
OzComicon came to my city, I only went on Sunday so I didn't bother to cosplay. I wore AP's Fantastic Dolly jsk/socks & necklace/wristcuffs/cardigan; shoes were Secret Shop and beanie was from Curvy's.
Had a fairwell dinner for one of my best friends who moved interstate. I got to wear my new ValleyGirl dress. Unfortunatley the resturant didn't have much gluten-free options so I had to get chilli chicken wings which was way too messy! haha!
And last one, a random one of me in my wetsuit. I hadn't tried it on in YEARS, the last time I wore this I was about 13. Its kinda scary knowing I hit puberty so early and stopped growing when I'm 24 and still fit in it. lol! I got mum & dad to send it over for me as I'm going to need it freediving out at sea this winter!


I went through my bathers. I have 9 pairs. Haha! And somehow... it doesnt feel like enough? XP

Valentines day.
Mikey and I didn't really get to do much as we both worked all day and he didn't knock off til 9.30 at night, so it was a simple gift-giving. He got me this pink pearl necklace! I got him a watch. haha!

One of my friends, Eden, is the owner of an awesome brand We're All Mad Here! She does creepy-cute lolita clothing, and is also a major sweetheart :)
She asked a group of us to model her new range of tights and I was lucky enough to be involved! :D
For all the info and all her awesome prints, look on:

Christine and I <3
Sailor Moon style!!

I also finally got to go swimming at the local reef about 45minutes away!
I CANNOT BELIEVE I only discovered it now. I feel like I've cheated myself out of years of ocean swimming by not knowing it was there. Lol. At least now with my wetsuit I can go there over winter!!
Here's some video of my mermaid swim there:

And I managed to get some photos recently thanks to my best friend Kelly! <3

And finally, I can give you all a glimpse of my professional photoshoot I had in preparation for my website! :D
I am so happy with the photos, they are soft and warm and just what I wanted! :D <3
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And thats all for now!
Hope it wasn't too much spam! Haha!

Yesterday I purchased a new monofin- $300 worth. lol! So I cant wait to get it as I'll try it out in the ocean :)
I also Finally updated my lens review page, would you care to see? :)
I try to do different makeup to keep the lens reviews interesting! ^^

Anyways, if you made it through this post- THANKYOU and I hope it wasn't too boring! haha!

Talk soon!

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  1. Ah You're so amazing! You truly are a mermaid.

    One day we will go swimming together. I'm not a particularly strong swimmer and my spine always made me swim funny and not in a straight line so I always preferred swimming like a mermaid when I was younger.