Sunday, April 14, 2013

Princess Mimi: Waffle Grey

Hello again everyone!
I was super excited to try these lenses out- more Princess Mimi! So far, Princess Mimi have released my favourite lenses, so I was eager to give these a go! XD
Waffle Grey!
 They've got some blue in them, which I loveeee <3
 Tried out an onee-gyaru look like from HappyNuts!

(Lol, I look like I'm poking my eye. haha! I dont pull off sexy very well! XD )

Comfort: 10/10
Size: 9/10
Colour/Design: 8/10

Ah, I'm not going to lie, I love these lenses XD I think perhaps I'm biased to Princess Mimi? lol! As soon as I put them in I couldn't feel them- at all! Not even a little! Super comfortable! The size is perfect for everyday wear, as all Princess Mimi's are. The colour is the one issue I have with these- I LOVE the grey/blue of them  and the dark outer circle- however the inner darker circle prevents it from blending easily into my grey eyes. From a distance its unnoticable, but as you can see in the closer photos its pretty obvious it doesnt blend. This wont stop me from wearing these, though! haha!

Thank you Adelaide Little Lens!! <3 ~

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